Where Business Gets a Personal Touch

Worldwide Business Associates (1971), commonly known as WBA, is a renowned Singapore Corporate & Business Service Bureau with clients spanning over 20 countries across 4 continents. It was founded to meet the growing needs of companies, businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs WORLDWIDE.

Our clientele vary from small individual businesses to multinational corporations. However, whatever the size of the businesses, they all share one thing in-common, and that is, WBA`s full pledged commitment and support… and of course service Satisfaction.

WBA was established when founder Mr Tan Chin Tiam noticed the lack of Efficient yet Cost Effective corporate and business services available for new start-ups, aspiring entrepreneurs, both locally-run and foreign-owned companies and businesses in Singapore, and more importantly the lack of professional assistance available for foreign companies to branch or expand into Singapore. It was either extremely expensive to get good and reliable ones or pay much less and compromise on efficiency.

With the establishment of Worldwide Business Associates (1971), Companies and Businesses finally got to enjoy efficient service at very reasonable charges.

From WBA`s humble beginning, WBA has come a long way and is now a reputable Corporate & Business Service Bureau in Singapore.

WBA is a ONE-STOP business service centre assisting entrepreneurs, companies and businesses, both local and international, so that their venture into business in Singapore is seamless and hassle free.

We provide one of the FASTEST Company Incorporation (within hours if necessary) and Business Registration service (also within an hour) and as if that isn`t good enough, our clients NEED NOT visit the Bank to open their company bank account, the bank officers will be at our office to help our clients open their bank account without them having to make that trip to the bank. NOW that`s efficient and quality service!

WHAT`s MORE! To help our international and local clients get a head-start, we also provide domain name registration and website development through strategic partnerships. All this can be done at our office so that clients need not run all over Singapore just to get the basic needs of setting up a company and with the saved time clients may better attend to securing business deals.

Our objective is to provide all the necessary assistance to ANYONE from ANYWHERE who wishes to set up a company in Singapore at ANYTIME.Should the need arise for us to provide assistance in the daily bookkeeping and administrative works and other statutory compliance matters, we will be more than happy to help; so that they may better focus on developing their business to greater success. To date, we have helped thousands of individuals and corporations from Around the World branch into Singapore and set up their companies and Singapore Office here.At WBA, if you have the will, we can show you the way.