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Comparison of EntrePass vs Employment Pass

EntrePass vs Employment Pass

EntrePass Employment Pass (EP)
Submission of Applications EntrePass does not require you to incorporate your Singapore company prior to submitting your EntrePass application (unless you opt to do so which in that case you will require a resident local Director until your EntrePass is approved) Employment Pass application requires you to incorporate your Singapore company first before you can apply for your Employment Pass under the name of your incorporated Singapore company (newly incorporated Singapore company should be at least 6 months old and active before an application can be considered)
Assessment of Applications Approval largely depends on Nature of Business, Amount of Capital Investment, Nationality of Applicant, Potential Contribution to Singapore Job Creation and Economy and Past Work Experience Approval mainly depends on declared fix income (more than S$4,500), Position/Designation, Educational Qualification, Skills and Past Work Experience
Processing Time Estimated processing time of 8 weeks or more Estimated processing time of 3 weeks or more by online submission

In general, Employment Pass has Higher Approval rate as compared to EntrePass

To incorporate your company prior to securing an Employment Pass, you will need to appoint a resident Local Director as you are not qualifified to act as a resident Local Director at the time of incorporation. We can act as your resident Nominee Director if you do not have your own.