Hongkong Company Registration

Requirements for Setting up of Hongkong Company

  • shareholders can be corporate or individual
  • Minimum initial paid-up share capital is HK$ 1.00
  • Minimum 1 Shareholder + 1 Director + 1 Company Secretary
  • Sole Shareholder can also act as Sole Director
  • Sole Shareholder and Director CANNOT also act as Company Secretary
  • Company Secretary – Must be Hongkong Resident or Hongkong Corporation
  • A Hongkong Private Limited Company must have a Registered Office Address in Hongkong

Information and Documents Required for Hong Kong Company Registration

  1. A clear photocopy of the passport and/or identity card of each director and shareholder of the proposed company;
  2. Proof of residential address (example: recent telephone bills, utilities bills, etc.) of all the directors and shareholders of the proposed company;
  3. The authorized share capital and par value per share respectively. If not otherwise provided by the clients, we will apply for our standard authorized share capital. That is HK$10,000 divided into 10,000 shares of HK$1 each. All our readymade companies are registered with standard authorized share capital;
  4. The issued and paid up share capital. If not otherwise provided by the clients, we will apply for the minimum issued and paid up capital;
  5. The shareholding amongst each shareholder if there is more than one shareholder.
  6. The nature of business of the proposed company;
  7. Provide 4-6 desired company names in order of priority;
  8. If you require our HSBC HK bank account opening services, please let us know if you will visit HK in person for the bank account opening or you want us to act as the temporary nominee shareholder to avoid the request of your physical presence in Hong Kong for the bank account opening.